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According to my present progress, I guess the public release will firstly be available at the end of September, it's going to be an integration of router, storage, network virtulization, router virtulization. After this, I will take a break, and release Openblade manifesto, then considering release part of the source code, and some community programmers are welcome to helps write documents and release in Google docs.

Before the next version of internet streaming, we had lots of work to do:
(1) Release PRD, EPS, Low level design document just as what do in Cisco
(2) Release test strategy, test plan, test report just as what we do in Cisco
(3) Release datasheet, user manual, How-tos just as what we do in Cisco
(4) Source code release, setup mirrors, accept donation of server over the world.
(5) Create a forum and public website for people to share experience and opnions
(6) Organize an open source management architecture and rules to be followed for Openblade project

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