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As everybody knows, huawei's router platform is VRP 3/5, and Cisco is IOS, Juniper has got his own operating system, open to his parter. But in the time they develop that kind of system, the Linux had never been so powerful as nowadays.
Recently I notice Huawei is also using Linux, move to Linux, then they don't need to spend money on VxWorks. And it;s same for Cisco, Cisco newly IOS is a works of integration of original IOS and Linux kernel; same story happened to Juniper, they are using FreeBSD.
And don't forget that many other chipset vendors like Marvell, Broadcom, Intel, AMD are all using Linux. So we can see, Linux is enriching all commercial and non-profit group. All of the people should thank what Linux Tornavald had devote to the world.
Openblade project is just tailored Linux operating system for networking app, there are many similar projects. I believe that what we are doing will helps many small-medium sized business. Open source projects is narrowing the software competence gap between SMB and MNC.
In future more and more software will go free, the value will comes from service and support. I promise, everybody can use my software for free as long as they accept LGPL license, but I will charge them for support from Openblade team.

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