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This afternoon, for a very accident chance, I'm invited to attend "Cloud Computing Form" held by TsingHua Shanghai Alumni Association. In this meeting, I had got the chance to listen to some speech given by GM from EMC China, SAP China. It's really so cool, for I'm also contributiing to virtualization of storage just like what Cisco, EMC and SAP are doing. In this meeting I'm very lucky to give a short introduction about data center virtulization and this open source project. After my speech, both GM gave me some suggestion, I can understand they wish me do more research about what the big Alliance are lacking of, not same road map as what they are doing. Ye, maybe if I follow what they have said, I may got some chance to cooperate with those big company. Anyway still I'm just thinking about open source and contribution, had no plan to make money.

The PPT slides will be published here once I had completed it, I'm in so hurry today to get the PPT done.

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