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Today I checked the compiling result of last night, and found it ended in error. When I tried to access this mnt folder in windows by samba, I found that it's very slow, I immediately check disk free by "df" and found that the whole 5.5G hard disk has been fully used up. OK, got that, in this case I have to increase vmware virtual hard disk, otherwise I will have to reinstall the whole system, which will be really miserable.

So how to enlarge the virtual hard disk? I find the how-to in vmware official website, seemed that I will have to use workstation, and very soon I found that the workstation is a commercial software, oh, god, it means I can only try it in 30 days. Crazy! Anyway I will take good use of this vmware workstation in 30 days. Maybe after that I will then have to reinstall the VMware server, then I can use it freely.

Today I just can't keep respecting vmware, so I try to investigate VMWare, and found that it;s a EMC company. Great company. I think EMC provided excellent software and solution in this industry, almost every small company acquired by EMC are absolute business success, like VMWare, blade. EMC itself is a great success. The new CEO of EMC China R&D is Chengong Fan, who is also a genius, the way he joined in EMC is because his company was acquired by EMC in America.

And this make me to think about software innovation, I find it's sad that we still can't see that kind of technology and innovation. Ye, we have companies like Huawei and ZTE, but that's not a big deal, they can make success in business, but can't feel "wow, great!" like you see google and vmware.

Increase VMware Virtual Hard Disk Size
  • Use GParted tools
  • Using the VMware Virtual Disk Manager, the following is how-to and result:

D:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Server>vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 8.5Gb "E:\Virtual Machines\Linux2
6x\Other Linux 2.6.x kernel.vmdk"
Using log file C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\vmware-Administrator\vdiskmanager.log
Grow: 100% done.
The old geometry C/H/S of the disk is: 848/255/63
The new geometry C/H/S of the disk is: 1109/255/63
Disk expansion completed successfully.

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